Yoga for Heroes
You're the hero in your story. You've overcome a lot. You do your best. You give a lot. I give you the support you need to recharge, keep the faith and keep going.

Yoga Nidra

A deep relaxation to regulate the nervous system and connect to your heart's deepest desire.

Life Coaching

Intuitive, mindfulness-based coaching to help you navigate decisions and create more peace.


Self-care products that support mindfulness and well-being. Treat yourself to a Dove Deck!
Hi! My name is Lauralyn.
I am a Yoga Teacher and Coach.
I help the givers because you make this world a brighter place. I teach and coach from the heart, and I listen. This is a safe space to be heard and heal. When you discover which yoga and mindfulness techniques work for you, you'll gain a routine you can use for life.

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