Living with Purpose

"The secret to life is meaningless unless you find it yourself." -W. Somerset Maugham

Do you enjoy discovering new ways to strengthen your faith? Do you want to use creativity to motivate positive changes in your life? Welcome to your personal retreat where cognitive behavioral coaching, creative exercises, and spiritual teaching work together to help you bloom into your best self.

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Life Coaching

Even the strongest people can be tested to their limits. Don't let a difficult situation get the best of you. Gain deeper insights into your experiences, fresh perspectives of relationships, and implement new action steps to overcome challenges, reach goals, create peace and boost your self-esteem and confidence. Live a life of purpose and passion!

Untie Your Knots

Let Mary work miracles for you. During this healing workshop, you will discover your energetic knots created by stressful attachments to people, situations and even your own thoughts. Overcome "not good enough" core beliefs, learn how to open your heart and mind up to receiving blessings, and experience the healing power of Mary, Untier of Knots.

Soul Story Classes

Use the power of creativity to change your life! During this creative writing program, you will discover your soul's true purpose, the role you're meant to play, and what your future holds. Document your destiny, and create action steps to achieve your goal, whether it's that great new job, loving relationship, improved health, or feeling more beautiful.

What People Are Saying

Lauralyn is a wonderful spiritual and health coach. She finds ways to restore my spirit and balance in life. I meet with her via FaceTime and this makes it incredibly convenient to have her in my life on a weekly bases. The fact she can be there to open up my blocks and free me of past, pains, and deep rooted family history is as tremendous as it is liberating. With her healing process, she has reminded me and guided me to the possible even when I doubted there was any possible left. As a result, I know I will not give up.

Carina Cristiano

Account Executive, Long Beach, California

Whenever I am feeling really wound up or in fear mode about a particular situation, I always seek out coaching from Lauralyn. Her sessions are always filled with love and light, and are extremely insightful. Without even saying too much, Lauralyn always picks up intuitions about other things within the situation, and she has a great sense of humor and you always end the session with a feeling of faith renewed. If you are struggling with anything, and feeling blocked or hopeless or caught up in fear mode, do not hesitate to contact Lauralyn.

Julie Prewett

Artist, Port Townsend, WA

I have been working with Lauralyn for over eight years and her positive insight has provided the peace of mind and validation that is vital to my personal well-being. I come to Lauralyn knowing she always creates a sacred space where I can navigate my life’s hurtles and receive the confidence that I am always connected to Source. I recommend her to anyone who is searching to regain that deep connection and peace within their own lives.

Tina Brown

Life Coach and Reiki Therapist, Santa Ana, California


Love Is All

I was reading the bricks in the outdoor garden at the local indie theatre. For a fee, the theatre will allot you a brink inscribed with anything you'd like. They were mostly names. Names of loved ones who've passed on. Names of couples, and children. Names...

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The Healing Benefits of Eclipses

Most Fridays, I post a prayer circle on my Facebook page where I share my weekly prayer and invite you to post your prayer requests so I can pray with you. Tonight is the longest lunar eclipse of this century. I'd like to dedicate a prayer for world peace for the 103...

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What Your Eyes Reveal About Your Spiritual Health

Your eyes are like a window for your body. When they are good, you have all the light you need. But when your eyes are bad, everything is dark. If the light inside you is dark, you surely are in the dark. -Luke 11.34-36 There are so many sayings describing the state...

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Matula Tea

Most people don’t realize they are infected with the bacteria, H. pylori until they start having symptoms. That was me. I first started having symptoms in my twenties: ulcers, heartburn, difficulty digesting food, bloating and pain. My doctor prescribed me...

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Pinner Test

READY TO TRY IT? SAVE $60 on your PINNER TEST with PROMO CODE COACH LL. Note: If you suspect you are gluten-sensitive, I recommend eating gluten for a few weeks before the test for the most accuracy as antibodies are known not to show up when gluten isn’t being...

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Read This Before Responding To That Post

My kind friends were promoting a fundraiser to help me afford my medical bills, battling Lyme Disease with Primary Immunodeficiency Disease was a long and costly journey to regain my health. When I shared my experience with this illness on social media, the responses...

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