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Self care for mind, body, spirit

The Dove Deck

52 insightful cards to deepen your faith and witness God's love working in your life.

Natural Skin Care

All natural plant oils, beeswax and butters provide the nutrients your skin needs to be radiant.

Healing Music

Inspirational music and meditations to help you create peace and joy every day.

What People Are Saying

The Dove Deck really helps me get my thoughts back into balance and remember to be mindful and that challenging situations are helped by faith, trust and prayer.

Meghan MacRae

Long Beach, California

Every beautiful salve you made was such high quality. My husband immediately used his and fell in love with it. And my daughter’s salve was just perfect! We are all hooked! We are constantly using your salves!

The Brown Family

Orange County, California

I love your meditation, and your music, and it really helps me when I’m feeling hopeless to feel hope again, and you’re a very beautiful and talented musician, and your lyrics are beautiful, and always keep me inspired! Love and huggers to you!

Bradley Emmer


My Before And After

Inflammation from a chronic illness wrecked my skin. I was in my forties and experiencing the worst acne of my life. My healthy low sugar Mediterranean diet hadn't changed. I was drinking plenty of filtered water. Nothing I was taking internally, like medicines and...

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Easy Beeswax Candle Recipe

What motivated me to venture into candle making: candles make great gifts. It costs less to make than buying a designer candle. You can control what's in it. Last night, my husband and I made our first attempt at candle making together. We're keeping one for...

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Social Media Detox: A 10-Day Guide

Social media is the new dopamine high. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, gives us a happiness boost when we anticipate receiving a reward. When people share a post or get a like, they feel validated, seen, heard, and their brain receives a dopamine hit....

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