Matula Tea: The Tea Cure

Most people don’t realize they are infected with the bacteria, H. pylori until they start having symptoms. That was me. I first started having symptoms in my twenties: ulcers, heartburn, difficulty digesting food, bloating and pain. My doctor prescribed me...

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Pinner Test for Allergies

READY TO TRY IT? SAVE $60 on your PINNER TEST with PROMO CODE COACH LL. Note: If you suspect you are gluten-sensitive, I recommend eating gluten for a few weeks before the test for the most accuracy as antibodies are known not to show up when gluten isn’t being...

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Social Media Detox: A 10-Day Guide

Social media is the new dopamine high. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, gives us a happiness boost when we anticipate receiving a reward. When people share a post or get a like, they feel validated, seen, heard, and their brain receives a dopamine hit....

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Happiness Tip: Re-Defining Your Success

The Harvard School of Business surveyed around 4,000 senior executives and asked them to define what success meant to them. Interestingly, even though our culture projects a "money makes you happy" mindset, the real life surveys revealed acquiring wealth was...

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