Top 4 Motivators for Change

Do you ever feel stressed about feeling stuck, or frustrated that someone else is struggling to change their ways? Understanding the mental process that drives the willingness to change can be helpful. Once you realize your personal motivator, you can take...

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Heal Worry and Sabotage

The foundation of cognitive behavioral theory is simple. What we think affects how we feel, and how we feel drives what we do. Let's say you had a really stressful day and when you're home alone with your thoughts you tell yourself, "This day was horrible,...

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Matula Tea

Most people don’t realize they are infected with the bacteria, H. pylori until they start having symptoms. That was me. I first started having symptoms in my twenties: ulcers, heartburn, difficulty digesting food, bloating and pain. My doctor prescribed me...

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Pinner Test

READY TO TRY IT? SAVE $60 on your PINNER TEST with PROMO CODE COACH LL. Note: If you suspect you are gluten-sensitive, I recommend eating gluten for a few weeks before the test for the most accuracy as antibodies are known not to show up when gluten isn’t being...

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