My kind friends were promoting a fundraiser to help me afford my medical bills, and continue the tail end of my treatment. I contracted Lyme Disease, and it was a long and costly journey to regain my health.

When I shared my experience with this illness on social media, the responses were interesting. Some offered ways to “fix” me. Some shared their own stressors. Some stopped following me. And others listened to what I needed, and simply donated and sent me loving thoughts.

I thought about the habit of rapid response. When we quickly reply to a post, or someone’s text, without too much thought. How many times have you jumped to conclusions and sent off a message only to realize your assumption of the person or situation was not true?

How many times do you feel obligated to respond to someone’s online comment, as if you “should” even though you don’t really want, or have to?

How many times do you respond to a text or social media post when you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed or distracted?

How we decide to respond via text or feeds reveals something about the state we’re in. Before you react to that next triggering message you receive, take a minute to inhale. Center yourself. Try to read between the lines before assuming. Clarify what someone means instead of guessing. Ask yourself if it’s worth responding, and if so, consciously think about how you want to respond.

Our words are powerful. That’s why Twitter wars happen, and people can feel so distraught over a text. It’s easy to forget the impact our words can have when they can be sent off quicker than we can say them with the touch of a button.

Try this Healing Prayer when you feel tempted to type too soon.

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