Music and Meditation

Inspired: music for a magical life

I love your meditation, and your music, and it really helps me when I’m feeling hopeless to feel hope again, and you’re a very beautiful and talented musician, and your lyrics are beautiful, and always keep me inspired! Love and huggers to you! -Bradley Emmer

Chakra Healing with Archangels

Chakra Healing with Archangels is absolutely a must – Lauralyn’s words meld into such truths – her voice captivates me and I love the 10 minute versions – in twenty minutes you can clean your chakras and visit with God. This should be in your library for a triangle of spirituality – the evening meditation is to die for. I listened to it this morning and could not believe how much it healed my heart. Thank you for this and God bless.” –Amazon Reviewer

What Listeners Say...

“Lauralyn’s meditations/songs are beautiful and will captivate the soul’s voice. It has helped me to center myself and clear my energy. I highly recommend her music to all that want to awaken to hear & find their spiritual journey.” –iTunes Review

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