Soul Story Creative Writing Program

What's Your Story?

By early adulthood, we’ve developed a story–a narrative script we tell ourselves and others about what happened in our past, how the world works, and who we are. This script becomes our filtered perception of reality. When this story reinforces fear, doubt, and problems, it can hinder the way you feel about yourself, disrupt your relationships, and block your potential.

Your life story isn’t etched in stone. You have a choice. You can change your story and transform your life with Lauralyn’s creative writing intensive. This program is designed to help you access your own wisdom and use your soul’s wisdom to create a new reality.

Take The Class

Lauralyn’s Soul Story Creative Writing Program is offered in a group setting, online and in-person on Long Island, New York. To learn more about this healing opportunity, or to join an upcoming class, contact her and sign up for her Soul Story newsletter.

What You Will Discover


Change your story, and change your life! Bring awareness to your personal narrative. Stop self-defeating patterns and habits. Release pain and baggage no longer serving you. Quiet the inner critic and empower your self-talk. Develop self-confidence and a success identity. Find meaning and purpose in challenging life experiences. Live in alignment with your true, authentic self. Get clarity about what you really want. Reach your potential and consciously create your destiny.



Identify underlying conditioned beliefs and behaviors that contribute to your story. Reflect on times that tested your faith, your life’s lessons, your inner strength, your moments of transformation, and how you envision your life to be different now than it has been in the past.

Discover the archetype role you’ve been playing, where it came from and what it means, and how your story has evolved from this self-imposed personal identity.



Re-write the viewpoint of your past, present and future story from a fresh, awakened perspective. Turn defeats into triumphs, heartbreak into gratitude, losses into gains, flaws into self-acceptance, and mistakes into wisdom. Become the hero in your story.

Re-code your memories. Re-write your new beliefs, and your new behaviors in vivid detail. Create an empowering new role for yourself, and tap into your higher self to see what your destiny holds.


It’s time to symbolically release your old story, sending it to the out-of-print recycling center in the universe, and officially step into living your new one.

Now that you have a clear life’s purpose, a strong and healthy identity, an inspirational legacy, and beautiful future awaiting you, you can reinforce your amazing story every day by reflecting on your own words, your own wisdom, and your own motivation to live the fulfilling life you deserve.

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