Undo Your Knots Workshop

Healing with Mary

Based on Lauralyn’s book, this non-denominational healing workshop will help you locate and untie knots of emotional energy attached to people, situations, past events, and even your own thoughts that are creating resistance to peace, love, success and healing. All are welcome!

Take The Workshop

Lauralyn’s Untie The Knots workshops are offered in a group setting, online and in-person on Long Island, New York. To learn more about this healing opportunity, or to join an upcoming class, contact her and sign up for her Untie The Knots newsletter.

“For what Eve had bound fast through unbelief, Mary set free through faith.”

Discover Knots

They are thick, entangled energies of emotions that get stuck in our energy field and block the flow of healthy energy. Knots are created from discord and unhealthy emotional attachments.

Knots can be attached to festering resentments and misunderstandings, deep hurts, heartache, loss, addictions, traumas, sickness and fear.


Signs of Knots

Signs of knots are:

  • Ongoing issues that aren’t getting resolved
  • Feeling a heavy weight sitting on your chest
  • Tightness in the throat
  • Feeling distracted and overwhelmed by a stressful situation
  • Feeling stuck, procrastinating
  • Having a hard time forgiving or moving forward
  • Avoiding trying to resolve an issue

Untying Knots

Since medieval times, Mary has been untying the knots of stress and discord in people’s lives, initiating healing and miracles. During this workshop, we will ask Mary to untie the specific knots in your life, and to use God’s unconditional love to help you overcome unhelpful patterns based on negative core beliefs such as believing you’re unworthy of blessings.

Miracles Happen

After you complete this healing workshop, and consistently untie the knots in your life, notice what feels different. Stay in touch with others who have taken the workshop through our Facebook page, and reinforce your faith in this powerful spiritual healing practice by calling on Mary whenever you need her help untying another knot in your life.

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