I believe creativity is a powerful outlet for stress relief, intuition, and self-awareness. Creativity taps into a well of healing and joy like nothing else can. When I write, make music, paint, cook, I’m fully present in the moment. I’m passionate about teaching people ways to use creativity to discover valuable insights and deep relaxation while having fun (something largely undervalued in our world). Whether I’m teaching a healing technique or a restorative yoga class, creativity is at the core.


I created my aromatherapy-based products out of necessity, to combat skin eruptions from chronic health issues when nothing else was working. Hours experimenting in my kitchen led to 100% natural essential oils, salves and serums that helped calm inflammation, balance combination skin, hydrate fine lines, plump and moisturize thin, dehydrated lips, and with scents that made me feel happy. I’m excited to share them with you soon!


I love providing easy-to-use inspirational tools like The Dove Deck and Chakra Healing with Archangels, that help people feel good about themselves, and more at peace with life. As a life coach, it’s been an honor to witness a client’s transformation from feeling stressed and worried to empowered with faith and positive internal changes. It’s an enriching adventure that’s always evolving as I continue to grow, too!


Handcrafted skin care and perfumes made in small batches.

Prayer Cards

Card messages for self-awareness and spiritual support.

Online Classes

Classes that spark creativity and personal development.

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