Inspirational Music and Meditations

Inspired: music for a magical life

I love your meditation, and your music, and it really helps me when I’m feeling hopeless to feel hope again, and you’re a very beautiful and talented musician, and your lyrics are beautiful, and always keep me inspired! Love and huggers to you! -Bradley Emmer

Chakra Healing with Archangels

Chakra Healing with Archangels is absolutely a must – Lauralyn’s words meld into such truths – her voice captivates me and I love the 10 minute versions – in twenty minutes you can clean your chakras and visit with God. This should be in your library for a triangle of spirituality – the evening meditation is to die for. I listened to it this morning and could not believe how much it healed my heart. Thank you for this and God bless.” –Amazon Reviewer

What Listeners Say…

“Lauralyn’s meditations/songs are beautiful and will captivate the soul’s voice. It has helped me to center myself and clear my energy. I highly recommend her music to all that want to awaken to hear & find their spiritual journey.” –iTunes Review

The Dove Deck

52 insightful cards to deepen your faith and witness God’s love working in your life.

Natural Skin Care

All natural plant oils, beeswax and butters provide the nutrients your skin needs to be radiant.

Healing Music

Inspirational music and meditations to help you create peace and joy every day.

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