What I Do


Lauralyn has coached clients around the world, and has helped them live a happier and more meaningful life. Her clients are driven, benevolent individuals seeking fulfilling work and relationships, better health, a deeper connection to their faith, and an opportunity to relax and recharge. Lauralyn’s coaching illuminates what is holding you back and gives you tools and solutions that make the difference to achieve your goal, bring to light your own wisdom, and be prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually for each challenge you face.

Her Philosophy

Lauralyn’s coaching philosophy is “with faith all things are possible.” Once we identify what is holding us back, and overcome it, faith is what inspires and guides us to have the courage to follow our heart. Faith is trusting we each have a divine plan for our lives designed to help us spiritually and emotionally evolve. When you lean on your personal relationship with God, you’ll begin to shift your thinking in a deep and profound way.

Her Methods

In an effort to support client’s breakthroughs, Lauralyn integrates creative exercises, cognitive behavioral strategies, intuition, aromatherapy, yoga therapy and hypnotherapy. She addresses the amazing skills you already have, as well as helping you shift your perspectives and practice a new approach to challenges that is aligned with your new empowering beliefs about yourself and your life.

Each individual has different aspirations and faces different challenges. Some clients require more stress relief, some seek more insight, and some simply need more accountability. A key focus of Lauralyn’s work is to adapt her approach for each individual.

Her Goals

Lauralyn’s mission is to provide an opportunity for busy individuals to pause, to reflect, to tune in to their own heart, so they can feel centered, calm and confident about their next decision, and cultivate a deepened faith in themselves, in their faith, and the amazing possibilities. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Life Coaching

Even the strongest people can be tested to their limits. Don't let a difficult situation get the best of you. Gain deeper insights into your experiences, fresh perspectives of relationships, and implement new action steps to overcome challenges, reach goals, create peace and boost your self-esteem and confidence. Live a life of purpose and passion!

Untie Your Knots

Let Mary work miracles for you. During this healing workshop, you will discover your energetic knots created by stressful attachments to people, situations and even your own thoughts. Overcome "not good enough" core beliefs, learn how to open your heart and mind up to receiving blessings, and experience the healing power of Mary, Untier of Knots.

Soul Story Classes

Use the power of creativity to change your life! During this creative writing program, you will discover your soul's true purpose, the role you're meant to play, and what your future holds. Document your destiny, and create action steps to achieve your goal, whether it's that great new job, loving relationship, improved health, or feeling more beautiful.

FREE Guide: Good Scents

Chock full of mind/body wisdom, detailed instructions and specific remedies, Good Scents will help you learn how to use aromatherapy to break unhelpful habits, get motivated and be your best self! You'll receive this free download and be added to Lauralyn's VIP list so she can invite you to exclusive offers and special healing events.

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Let the nurturing spirit of Mary undo the knots of stress, pain and negativity in your life. Mary, Untie These Knots is a mini non-denominational guide that will show you how, with heartfelt healing prayers that address the top five emotional experiences that block inner peace. Enter your details to get your free download, and get placed on Lauralyn's VIP list so she can invite you to exclusive offers and special healing events.

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