Inspired: music for a magical life


“Lauralyn’s meditations/songs are beautiful and will captivate the soul’s voice. It has helped me to center myself and clear my energy. I highly recommend her music to all that want to awaken to hear & find their spiritual journey.” –iTunes Review


This beautiful arrangement of healing songs guide you to think positively, keep the faith and overcome resistance to change. INSPIRED reminds us that challenges are temporary, and we all have the power to perceive the magical moments in our lives. All we have to do is notice.

MP3 Tracks and Their Wellness Benefits

March of the Fairies. A song to increase self-esteem and self-worth! It reinforces you are worthy and deserving of receiving what you need, reflecting on the abundance cycles in nature.

Let It Go. For when you’re having a hard time detaching from expectations or negative thoughts, this song helps you let go and re-direct your mind to helpful thoughts and uplifting feelings.

Protected. A powerful song to help you shift out of fear mode and claim your personal power. Uplifts any space.

Moment. An inspiring reminder to be present, especially on those days when you feel pulled in every direction.

Little Angel Lullaby. When you feel weary, tired, overwhelmed, this song encourages feelings of comfort, safety and security.

The Reiki Prayer. For when you need help centering and letting go of anger, resentment, anxiety, envy, impatience and irritation.

Guardian Angel. A reminder that you’re never alone, you always have a guardian angel by your side.

Climbing The Mountain. Evokes feelings of confidence, motivation, and positive change. Instills the belief that you will overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Subliminal positive thoughts and brainwave technology mixed into the upbeat music.


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