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Many clients enjoy email coaching due to the transcript they could reflect on and the affordability. Email coaching is charged by time. The time spent is based on the complexity and length of your questions and how in-depth the feedback is. Contact me for current availability.

Where To Start

It’s best to focus on one situation if there’s a lot to explore or up to three situations if you want quicker coaching advice. Though intuition is incorporated in everything I do, this is a life coaching session, not a “cold reading.” Please describe your situation and be clear with your questions so we can be on the same page about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Common Coaching Topics

Common issues I help clients with are work, relationships, health and laying the foundation for achieving goals. I also have a handful of pet clients. Please send a brief email of your pet issue before booking so I can evaluate your case and see whether I can help or not. Looking forward to working with you!

Email Coaching Fees

$45|15 minutes

$90|30 minutes

$135|45 minutes

$180|60 minutes

Payments accepted: Venmo, Zelle, Paypal


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