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Inflammation wrecked my skin. Creating an all natural “good fat” remedy healed it.

Chronic stress and a Lyme infection set off a cascade of inflammation, and for the first time in my life I was experiencing acne– in my forties! The skin I used to be complimented on, and told looked 10 years younger, turned dull, with an uneven, patchy tone and dry skin that started budding deepening lines around my eyes.

Inflammation took a toll on my complexion, aging my skin rapidly, creating painful acne eruptions and dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. I looked exhausted. My positive self-talk didn’t help when every time I looked in the mirror, the image reflected back didn’t look well. 

I bought dozens of over-the-counter and natural products, but nothing I tried worked. The breakouts persisted, and I felt more frustrated by the money I had spent on products that not only didn’t help the situation, some worsened it by drying out my skin and irritating it with more chemicals.

I started researching for hours. What could clear up acne and bring back my youthful, healthy glow?

I soon learned that the “all natural” skin care products I had been using contained chemical preservatives that were potential endocrine disruptors. Many had ingredients sourced from GMO’s or allergens like soy, sunflower, sesame and gluten. The more I learned, the harder it was to find truly pure products.

No wonder my skin wasn’t clearing up!

As someone dealing with genetic issues like MTHFR that compromises my immune system, I not only wanted to solve my present breakout situation, and naturally smooth out fine lines around my eyes, I also wanted to create skin care that was genuinely non-toxic.

Months of research and aromatherapy school led me to experiment with truly natural ingredients like plant butters, organic Argan oil, beeswax and anti-inflammatory essential oils. I was very specific about the essential oils I chose; they had to be asthma-safe, gentle and non-toxic. Within weeks of trying my new concoction, my skin not only cleared, wrinkles were nearly non-existent and I had my healthy glow back!

Even though I was still managing chronic illness at the time I created this serum, I no longer looked sick. Seeing a vibrant face shining back at me restored my confidence and self-esteem. Now when I affirmed my core belief, “I was healthy before, and I will be healthy again,” I believed it. The product that transformed my skin, and made me feel so much better inside and out, became Glowing Skin.

The nutrients in Glowing Skin are absorbed into the skin, regenerating at a cellular level, providing that radiant glow. Every time I use this botanical serum, I’m absorbing trace amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that promote health and wellness.

I use a dime-sized amount of this serum daily, morning and night, and it works multi-tasking magic on my skin.

  • I gently tap, tap, tap a small bit all over my face and neck then massage it in.
  • I apply a tiny dab around my eyes. After I apply make-up, I dab a tiny bit more around my eyes to fill in wrinkles accentuated by eye shadow powder or concealer.
  • If I’m feeling stressed, I dab a tiny bit behind my ears; Blue Tansy essential oil is a natural antihistamine and deeply calming.
  • When I want to tame flyaways, I rub a tiny bit between my fingers and run through my hair.

This serum is a true multi-tasker! I hand pour each serum into aluminum-free tins so it’s easy to store and convenient for travel.

A little goes a long way. One tin can last up to 2-3 months with daily use.

If I miss a few days, especially around a hormonal time, I’m more prone to a breakout. I’ve noticed these healing oils, packed with essential fatty acids, are also helping my eyebrows thicken (common causes for thinning eyebrows are hypothyroidism and deficiency in good fats.)

Now that I’ve been spoiled with the benefits of this wonder serum, I’m never going back to those overpriced, cheaply made, mass manufactured products I used in the past. I make my serums with love and care, and a prayer that they help everyone who uses them.



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