The Benefits of Freshly Made Products


“I have very sensitive skin and when a doctor discovered I was sensitive to even the products I was buying that claimed to be natural, I decided to start making my own so I could guarantee high quality ingredients. After lots of research and experimentation, I finally created remedies that healed inflammation, cleared my skin and brought back that healthy, youthful glow.”  Lauralyn Kearney


Before and After



Glowing Skin Serum

Before, stress and inflammation sparked tons of spots for the first time in my life, in my forties!

After 4 weeks applying Glowing Skin morning and night, my skin was brighter, the fine lines around my eyes started to disappear, and I was acne-free.

Botanical Lip Balm

Before. Chapped, peeling lips that would split and throb, inflaming the area around my lips. Over the counter lip balms, lip glosses and vaseline made them worse.

After applying my botanical lip balms throughout the day and before bed, my lips were healed, hydrated, incredibly soft and fuller-looking.  

Pure Lotion Bar

Before. Diagnosed with eczema, frequent skin flare ups were itchy, inflamed, painful and bled easily. I tried prescription and over the counter creams. Nothing helped. 

After applying daily for 3-4 weeks, the nutrients in my lotion bar healed the itchy, inflamed skin and left my arms soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

Quality Ingredients. Beautiful Results.


Anti-Inflammatory "Good Fats" and Essential Oils for Your Skin

You’ll see and feel the difference when using the moisturizing and rejuvenating serums Lauralyn developed to reverse damage from inflammation. No chemicals. No fragrance oils. Nothing synthetic. Each product is handcrafted in small batches, delivered with care to your door.

Hydrating Lip Balms

Our luxurious lip balms are made with all natural plant oils and butters and ethically sourced beeswax for soft, full, healthy, lips. No GMO’s or soy.


Perfumes with Purpose

Signature aromatherapy blends that smell good and have a targeted purpose to support your wellness goals. Made with therapeutic grade essential oils (no multi-level marketed oils used here!).


*Avoid choosing scents that are related to any known environmental allergies you have. Lauralyn has asthma and created blends that aren’t triggers for her, use caution with earthy and floral scents if you have breathing issues.

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