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Keeping The Faith


Meditations infused with brain wave technology to help you feel calm, focused and peaceful.


The Dove Deck

52 insightful life coaching cards and detailed companion book for faith building and mindfulness.



A collection of inspirational songs about hope, healing, optimism and keeping the faith.

Handcrafted Skin Care

Menthol Relief

An organic multitasking menthol rub loaded with antioxidants and refreshing tropical essential oils.


Botanical Lip Balms

Say hello to soft, full, healthy lips nurtured by avocado oil, protected by pure beeswax.


Glowing Skin

An organic multitasking serum that reduces fine lines and reveals a clear and glowing complexion.

Your Thoughts and Experiences

The Dove Deck really helps me get my thoughts back into balance and remember to be mindful and that challenging situations are helped by faith, trust and prayer.


Long Beach, California

I’m in obsessive love with Glowing Skin!! I have been using it every night, it does wonders for my occasional breakouts and seasonal dry patches. I’m sensitive to fragrances and chemicals used in over the counter lotions and often times get hive-like reactions, but with GS I never have breakouts! 


Orange County, California

I love your meditation, and your music, and it really helps me when I’m feeling hopeless to feel hope again, and you’re a very beautiful and talented musician, and your lyrics are beautiful, and always keep me inspired! 


You Tube Fan

#TheDoveDeck #FaithandBeauty

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